Lucifer Season 5 Part 2- Will be coming soon on Netflix?

Lucifer Season 5 part 2 will be coming soon fans are eagerly waiting for this series. Because of Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael. Fans are curious about Lucifer and his twin brother Michael are in the Bible? But the release date is on air because of this COVID pandemic disease. But we got the news that start guests will announce the release date.

Latest Updates of Lucifer season 5 part 2:

Tom Ellis will play Lucifer Morning star as well as the evil twin brother Michael role. In part one Michael undertakes a risky to the earth creates confusion. The relationship between Lucifer’s and Chloe Decker.

Lucifer and Michael are characters but they are in the Bible? Biggest question. Starting of Lucifer season 5 part-1, Lucifer morning star was sovereign the hell. But his evil twin brother Michael entered to earth getting near to Maze, Amenadiel and Chloe on earth gratefully they were seen, Michael and Lucifer back to earth in time.

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In the finale, Lucifer and Michael went neck to neck fight and Michael shows that he had bigger plans. Their father God, trying to stop the fight between Michael and Lucifer by traveling to earth made up part-2 of the super thrilling drama. In reality, Lucifer and Michael are not twin brothers in the Bible and also in DC Comic.

In the Bible and DC comics Lucifer sketches as the fallen angel, she rebels against God and Michael. In the Bible angel not explain their family.

The war starts in heaven. Michael guides God’s armies to fight against Satan’s forces. Michael successfully conquers Satan and appears in Lucifer comics. In this comics, Lucifer’s morning star becomes a rebel in heaven but he is beaten by his twin brother Michael.

Lucifer gives a chance to his brother for a reunion but Michael refused it. Michael had demiurgic power this power will work when his brother with him

Tom Ellis Opinion About his Characters:

I played this character for five years and it’s easy to take off Lucifer skin. And played a new character, Michael messed with my head. I am glad that I played two major roles and I admit a certain rule.

I work hard on both Lucifer and Michael’s characters. There are so many things to packing it takes so much time but we have less time limit. Lucifer and Michael both are different styles of role I put effort to take the perfect shot.

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