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Raya and The Last Dragon Trailer Revealed How Passionate Raya is?

Raya and The Last Dragon
Image Source: Looper

Raya and the Last Dragon Updates: As the release of Raya and The Last Dragon is arriving closer. Animation lovers and the audience are just getting excited.

There is another level of desperation among the audience to know what they are going to witness. Basically, Raya and The Last Dragon is n American computer fantasy animation.

Under the production of Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios. All the distribution rights are with Walt Disney Studios Motion pictures.

Recently, a couple of weeks ago Walt Disney Animation studios premiered a two-minute trailer video. This trailer was released officially on 21 October 2020 across several platforms. The trailer presents a warrior princess Raya venture into a temple with her trustworthy friend Tuk Tuk. Tuk somewhat seems to be like an armadillo-like creature.

Have a look at the Raya and The Last Dragon official synopsis :

According to the official synopsis released with the new teaser of Raya and The Last Dragon. Long ago, in a fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons live together in harmony.

Then an evil force just threatens the land. Dragons sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity. Now after five hundred years of that happening, the same evil force returns.

Raya and The Last Dragon
Image Source: GamesRadar

This time everything is up to the lone warrior princess Raya. She is only there to track down the legendary last dragon. Just to restore distorted lands and it’s divided people.

But this time on a long journey, she will learn many things. So it’s going to be much more than a dragon to save the world. But will be something on trust and teamwork as well.

At first, this animation creation was scheduled to release in the United States on 25 November 2020. But thanks to the Corona pandemic and its impacts on the entertainment industry.

Currently, the new release date is pushed to 12 March 2021. But the thing is, at least a proper release date is an available event after postpone. There are several favorite works and presentations that are just delayed to undefined time.

Just keep waiting for new details and updates to arrive on Raya and The Last Warrior. We will surely inform our readers regularly of every update that will come across.

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