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Super Intelligence Release Date and Movie does not seem to go as expected.

Super Intelligence
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Super Intelligence Updates: Directed by Ben Falcone, the upcoming comedy movie Super Intelligence, filled with a weird mixture of romance and science fiction that was supposed to make its debut in the theatres in December 2020 has been now shifted for the thanksgiving weekend on the streaming platform of HBO Max.

After the fans got to have a look at the somewhat disappointing trailer of Melissa McCarthy Super Intelligence, we see that the plot of the movie does not make proper sense no matter from what angle it is viewed.

Super Intelligence Trailer: What does it show?

The trailer gives us a rough idea about the new upcoming rom-com sci-fi movie where we see James Gordon’s artificially generated intelligence voice takes the task of studying the monotonous life of the very average woman, Carol Peters( played by Melissa McCarthy).

The voice reveals to her that whether or not he will let humanity on this Earth or make it its slave will solely depend on how Carol Peters goes on to live her life burdening her with a huge responsibility.

After learning this overburdening truth, Carol Peters decides to call for the guy ( Bobby Cannavale) who was the one who could escape this mess.

Super Intelligence
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Though it is very clear that the upcoming film had tried to put on romance, science, AI, and comedy, all of them in it, things have started to look a little distorted there.

The scientific concept does not seem to go hand in hand with the romance embedded in the movie and as for comedy ( coming from Ben Falcone and Sam Richards playing Agents of the Government), it can be called far from a fit end.

Even though the fans had high expectations from this unique storyline, the poor quality of the movie portrayed by the trailer was maybe the reason that the upcoming rom-com sci-fi movie will not be released in the theatres but will just be dropped on HBO Max instead.

Everyone seems pretty disappointed about the movie but let’s hope that it is not as bad as we are expecting it to be.

Super Intelligence will drop on HBO Max on November 26th, 2020.

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