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Witcher Season 2 Is Adding A New Character- Click to know

Witcher Season 2
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Witcher Season 2 Updates: Recording on the Netflix hit The Witcher may have had to be shut down again recently, but the game is still recording for season 2 more than when it returned in March.

So, we have some updates on what could happen in Season 2, and now one report suggests that the show could add a new mysterious character who is sure to delight fans of the novels.

So far, we haven’t heard much about what role, if any, Bard Jaskier is everyone’s favourite to play in The Witcher’s upcoming season, but now we may have seen more of him.

 Witcher Season 2 New Characters

According to the report, Season 2 could give Jaskier another background, with the introduction of the short-lived character in Witcher’s book The Tower of the Swallow, and he is mentioned in Season 1, Episode 5: Countess De Stael. The show might be looking to broadcast someone who will play to count the new season.

Witcher Season 2
Image Source: Polygon

As mentioned earlier, what we know about Countess De Stael right now can be greatly expanded, since it is far from being a major part of literature.

The only mention of him in the source of Andrzej Sapkowski notes that he was the reason why Jaskier started writing songs and poems at the age of 19 because he loved him. The Witcher television show took the content and expanded it a bit, with Jaskier reassuring Geralt that the calculator had left him.

So, at least in the series, Geralt seems to have a previous knowledge of the relationship between Country De Stael and Jaskier, which means that they were both together for a while, or had been repeating enough time when a monster-gruff hunter heard about his happy friend.

Either way, but Jaskier meets a good figure, adding him as a real presence that Bard can contact can be sure to add depth to his character.

Witcher’s first season is available on Netflix, and so we can watch more while we wait for Season 2

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