New Walking Dead Game- Bridge Constructor is out on Steam

Walking Dead Game
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Walking Dead Game- Bridge Constructor Updates: Being straightforward, we don’t really know what is the association between The Walking Dead and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

However, in the event that designers at ClockStone have substantiated themselves great at anything, building bridges has gotta be up there.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead lets you ship Norman Reedus and his company to security while piping undead crowds to their past due to destruction.

This might be strange to Walking Dead fans, but who knows there might be an episode that made our gang apply real physics to destroy hordes of zombies because this game truly does.

This game is all about making physical science-based structures with boards and supports of different materials, taking into consideration not to push a lot of weight on any one part in case the entire thing comes slamming down.

You can’t generally have The Walking Dead without the walking dead, however. Swarms of zombies is an integral part of Bridge Constructor’s obstacles, and you’ll be utilizing different snares to bait shamblers into impasses and traps while guarding your survivors from their grimy hands.

Walking Dead Game- Bridge Constructor From ClockStone

Walking Dead Game
Image Source: Steam

It’s not the first run through ClockStone have done this sort of stuff. That honor goes to Bridge Constructor: Portal, which was in reality pretty damn great at adding Valve’s list of sludge, turrets, and spatially-packed physics riddles to the flimsy development puzzle (regardless of whether it wasn’t exactly as acceptable at conveying Portal’s awesomely made writing).

One reviewer said that to be honest, the proportion of Ugly Donkey Laugh: Exhaling Out Your Nose to delicate grin isn’t anyplace close to that found in its First Person Perspective cousins.

He’s willing to pardon that, nonetheless, and be content with seeing stickmen tumbling off the rear of their forklifts at whatever point he makes a scaffold that out of the blue tumbles to bits.

Even more so while sending different forklifts in a caravan – the genuine test for any extension.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is now out for Steam for 10% off at £7.19/€8.99/$8.99 – with an extra discount of 10% if you are a Bridge Constructor veteran.


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