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Moonshiner Season 10 Renewal and Premiere Date for Discovery Channel Series

Moonshiner Season 10
Moonshiner Season 10

Moonshiner Season 10 Updates: It’s time to rejoice in the new season of Moonshiners. Discovery Channel has renewed Moonshiners’ 10th season which is expected to release later this month. This season will portray how the moonshiners thrive during the pandemic.

A press release from the Channel’s end releases more about the season.

With tough times prevailing in 2020, the life in backwoods of Appalachia falls no short of uncertainties. Yet the American Moonshiners see silver lining analogous to how their great grandfathers discovered during the Great Depression.

Even with the depreciated Economy worldwide, Moonshiners are expecting good business.

The 10th series reveals how the moonshiners tackle the pandemic with their backwoods operations taking advantage of the huge supply of raw materials like never before.

The two-hour premiere of the season will be featured on Tuesday, November 24 at 8 pm ET/PT on the Discovery channel. The fans could reach out to the cast of the series using #Moonshiners on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When the world hit by the pandemic at the beginning of 2020.  All the businesses were shut, supply chains running out of raw materials, which led to a huge convoy of raw materials being unattended for a long time.

Moonshiner Season 10
Moonshiner Season 10

The Moonshiners; thus benefitted from the situation and they produced high-quality liquor for cheap.  With the huge amounts of fruits and grains available they create new recipes.

The crew including Tim, Tickle, Mark, Digger, Josh, and the rest are ready to prove though times could also get a silver lining.

Moonshiner Season 10: Conclusion

The season’s two-hour opener will take place on Discovery channel on Tuesday 24 November at 8 pm ET/PT. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, fans could reach out to the cast of the series with #Moonshiners

When the pandemic ravaged the planet in early 2020. All the company closed, supply chains were missing in raw materials which led to a long-term unknown convoy of raw materials.

The Moonshine people benefited from the situation and created high-quality, inexpensive liquor. They develop new recipes with the immense quantities of fruit and grain available.

The crew of Tim, Tickle, Mark, Digger, Josh, and others prepared to show that times can be covered with silver.

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