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Blumhouse’s Freaky: Ending Explained, Cast Update & What to Expect

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Freaky Update: Freaky makes it to the big screen with the help of the director, Christopher Landon. The screenplay is done by Landon and Michael Kennedy while Jason Plum is the behind the scenes producer. As a horror-comedy, Freaky showcases a body switch concept with some blood spills. After the October 2020 premiere at Beyond Fest, Universal Studios had the broadcasting rights and released the film in the U. S on 13 November 2020.

Freaky: Cast Update 

  • Blissfield Butcher by Vince Vaughn
  • Millie Kessler by Kathryn Newton
  • Nyla Chones by Celeste O’Connor
  • Josh Detmer by Misha Osherovich
  • Booker Strode by Uriah Shelton
  • Mr. Fletcher by Alan Ruck
  • Charlene Kessler aka Char by Dana Drori
  • Paula Kessler by Katie Finneran

 Freaky: Storyline


If you are in search of a thrilling horror story, then Freaky is a good one. A high school student Millie gets a body switch with a serial killer named Blissfield Butcher. What bad luck to the poor girl. When Millie struggles to prove her identity while in Butcher’s body to her friends, Butcher is murdering students as well as teachers one after another.

And all the trouble is due to a magical dagger, Lo Dola. Millie’s friends help her track down the Butcher who is now in Millie’s body and at the end of time, Millie is successful to switch into her body. But the story has not ended yet.

Ending Explanation:

I can assure you guys that there can be no better end of this movie than this. The final twist is a complete joy. Mille, still trapped in Butcher’s body finally encounters her body which is now under Butcher’s control. As the time ticks by Butcher (Millie’s body) plays a scary version of hide-and-seek with Mollie and her friends.

But, Millie gets to stab her body with the magical dagger but when she notices the time, her face is drained of blood. But wait! Millie is punctual, and an early person. She always sets her watch 5 minutes early than the original time. So, she is now finally back into her body.

Millie, now back to her home spends some time with her mom and sister. But Butcher does not want to spare her so soon, he went all the way to her house to kill her. However, Millie’s sister and mother come into play and help her in time. Meanwhile, Millie uses a chair leg and pushes it all the way into Butcher’s chest and the latter dies, finally.

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