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Great Pretender Season 2: Characters, Plot and Release Date

Great Pretender Season 2

Great Pretender Season 2: Update, Introduction: The anime fans can look forward to a good Thanks Giving this year. One of the most-watched anime series on Netflix is going to air this November. I will just cut the chase now, Great Pretender Season 2 (the fourth case) will soon premiere on Netflix. Read the complete article and know the details.

Characters and Voice Cast:

  • Makoto Edamura was once an honest man, but later due to the circumstances, he becomes a con man. Chiaki Kobayashi and Alan Lee voiced Makoto in Japanese and English, respectively.
  • Laurent Thierry is a quick-witted and experienced con man. He later partners up with Edamura. The Japanese voice of Laurent is by Junichi Suwabe while the English dubbing is by Aaron Phillips.
  • Abigail Jones is Laurent’s helper. As a kid, she had a happy family and did ballet. Natsumi Fujiwara and Kausar Mohammed were the ones who voiced Abigail respectively in Japanese and English.
  • Cynthia Moore, unlike Abigail, is an associate of Laurent’s. Her specialty is to lure their prey with her beauty and acting. Mie Sonozaki voices Cynthia in Japanse while Laura Post gives the English dubbing.

Great Pretender Season 2: Plot

Great Pretender Season 2

The second season will follow Laurent. He organizes an auction as fake dark. Later we see that his associate Cynthia is rigid to buy “Snow in London” while Coleman wants it too. We can also watch a lot of Edamura and his father’s story. And you do not have to wait for long to know the exact information now.

Great Pretender Season 2: Release Date

What we call The Great Pretender Season 2 is actually a second portion of the first season. And in Japan, Netflix already released The following episodes from 15 to 23 but the US fans were kept on hold. However, their wait comes to an end on 25 November 2020.

Well, the release is a bit earlier than we predicted, but it is good news for us. We are keeping our hopes high while looking forward to WIT Productions, The Great Pretender Season 2 by Hiro Kaburagi.

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