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NCIS Season 18: The first photo reveals the spark between Sloane and Gibbs

NCIS Season 18
Image Source: Daily Express

NCIS Season 18 Updates: NCIS is about to be premiered in just a week and the fans are really running out of patience to know about Gibbs and Sloane romance.

CBS viewers can’t quite wait anymore with patience when the return of the upcoming season, later this month has been announced.

Any plot, be it the return of Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) with full action, whether it is the heartbreaking scene of  Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), the audiences are always entertained by the hyper-dramatic plots.

However, among all these, the special one which is leaving the viewers much excited is the romance between Jacqueline Sloane (Maria Bello) and Gibbs’. Also, it has been revealed that  Bello would be leaving the current year.

NCIS Season 18 Bello’s Departure

Bello’s departure from the series had been confirmed at the very beginning of the current year. Almost several months before the return of season 18, the news was broken.

Bello’s abrupt departure from the season also arises a focusing ground to address her romance with team leader Gibbs. We would be missing the romance of the couple since the past two seasons, their demonstrations and snaps from the past few seasons will finally come to a halt.

NCIS Season 18
Image Source: Daily Express

Prior to this, we have a photograph presented by CBS before the arrival of the 18th season, wherein the duo is looking at each other and smiling. It was not just that, but Sloan also had placed his hand with a touch of affection on Gibbs’s arm, while looking into his eyes with love.

Even though the scene did not end in a kiss, still we can get the biggest possible key about their feeling on the set.  Surely, this touch of affection and romance would be a great miss in the season.

Fans and viewers have been waiting to know what stays beyond the spark. But the departure leaves no stance for quenching our thirst for curiosity.

Considering the fact that the duo gets together, Gibbs would be left completely poignant when Sloane leaves. Moreover, the first click of the season is probably the ultimate hint we have about the actresses’ association in the season.

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