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Aneesh Chaganty’s thriller drama “Run” stars Sarah Paulson

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Run Updates: Aneesh Chaganty’s thriller drama “Run” stars Sarah Paulson as a coercive single parent to a young woman played by Kiera Allen. 

Clearly defining the Munchausen syndrome; “Run” shows similarity with “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” than Hitchcock.

The movie’s starting scene is set in a hospital which shows an unwell Sarah Paulson.

Sarah as “Diane Sherman” is a patient; who is severely ill. Sarah is portrayed as a nurse in A Netflix series “Ratched.”

“Run” is an engrossing series revolving around a list of medical conditions.

Another character Kiera Allen played by Chloe Sherman is a sick being, gobbling medicines every day. Spending her day playing around with a 3D printer and making naive obscene devices. The show takes a leap of 2 years and Chloe is now a teenager, and she decides to discover the outside world.

Diane is not being easy over Chloe; she panics about her losing dominance over her daughter. She will only have her hydroponic garden and her glass of wine as her mate.

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Vexed Diana slips another drug to her daughter’s list “digoxin”. A drug meant for dogs but apparently numbs a human foot if administered overdose. Chloe on tenterhooks reaches out to the pharmacy for the drug details.

Now we could see Chloe; tracing her mother’s trails.

In the episodes later, we could see Diane goggling” household neurotoxins”- seems like she’s calling in for trouble.

The film’s final round unravels a fierce face-off between the duo; analogous to “The Act”. A Greek tragedy series on HULU featuring Joey King as Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Patricia Arquette as her cosset mother.

“Run” is more of a perilous drama sequence of a mother-daughter duo. And quite hellacious to see such a story of the pair. It lacks the emotional and psychological feel; withering away the duo’s relationship radiance.

Sarah Paulson has an exceptional career. Be it her roles in “American Horror Story” or “Ratched”, she has proven to be a living realm determined to trounce the annoying world. So filling the emptiness in Diane with her delusional skills.

 Chaganty and Sev Ohanian’s (“Searching”) screenplay scores heights and cites dejavues. Also, we might witness many more characters in near future.

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