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Pokemon 2019 Episode 44 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Latest Updates

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 44 Updates: Pokemon is currently airing Pokemon Journeys: The Series. It features the duo Ash and Goh as they make their journey around the world to find the most powerful Pokemon.

Episode 43 was just released a few days back. If you’re wondering when the next episode is going to release, keep on reading.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 44 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 44 will be released on November 6th, 2020, at 6:55 AM JST.

New episodes of Pokemon gets released each Sunday, in a weekly manner. These Anime releases its most recent episode every Friday.

If you’re interested in the recap of the previous episodes, keep reading. But be careful because it contains spoilers.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 43: Recap

Sonia agrees that it’s her grandma’s schoolwork for her. She asks Goh what does Goeglyp resembles and he said it appears like a giant pokemon rampaging.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 44
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She likewise believes that Black Knight is going to show up in Galar again and perhaps she can figure something by coming here. Goh imagines that the Black Knight may be associated with some insane ground-breaking pokemon.

At the same time, Team Rocket is thinking that their plan just hid away the most evilest Pokemon. They keep an eye on Mr. Rose and The Black Knight as they believe that the globe that they are protecting is the pokemon they have been searching for.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 44 Sonia and Goh

They wanted to get it and Olive calls her protector to follow Sonia and Goh. Goh said that he is going to Brass town to meet teacher Magnolia and Sonia said it is her grandma.

In the interim, Dande and Satoshi stumble into Sekitanzan in his Kyodaimax structure which is a coal rock/fire type pokemon. They fight it and Satoshi utilizes Ginger who fires a shadow ball and it was Pikachu who landed the final blow with his 1000 volts.

Mr. Rose goes to meet Olive and warn him that they heard the commotion. Meanwhile, Goh and Sonia met with teacher Magnolia. She gave them helpful data for their examination and uncovers why she broke her relationship with Mr. Rose.

She said that Mr. Rose wants to accomplish his objective regardless and she has an awful inclination about the events that are going on.

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