KGF Chapter 2 adds Bollywood Actress Raveena Tandon to the cast -Find out about it

KGF Chapter 2
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KGF Chapter  2 Updates: Released in 2018,this period action film in Indian Kannada-language is scripted and directed by Prashanth Neel.

Produced under the banner of Hombale films, this installment in the two part-series racked up huge attention from the audience and went down to receive two National Awards for its action scenes and crafted visuals .

Filmed on location of Kolar Gold Fields ,it centers  around Raja Krishnappa Bairya “Rocky “ born into poverty who forges his destiny with an undying quest for wealth and power .

It streamed on Amazon Prime Video as well and the next chapter already went well  into production on 13th March 2019 ,which is teasing us with some inside looks of the plotline .

Meanwhile here’s an overview of its background

KGF Chapter 2: Premise

Retelling the events published in his book ;El Dorado that encases the Kolar Gold Fields warfare between 1951 and 2018 is a journalist in an interview after a television channel recovers one of its copies while the others were set aflame by the government .

On the day of discovery of the ore of gold in Mysore ,Rocky born to a widowed mother who lands in Mumbai orphaned, with a thriving  exhortation for power and resources and begins working  for  the associates of Suryavardhan who  deceitfully planted an outlawed operation targeting the gold all along the coasts.

Laten when he is inducted to kill Garuda, the heir-in-waiting in KGF ,it is followed by a tailspin into chaos.

What new information do we have about this sequel?

KGF Chapter 2
Image Source: Bollywood Hungama

As far as its screening is concerned ,it is not expected before the upcoming summer .

However the  production is at full stretch still now  which is the causation of the pandemic crisis, we have got a lot of spoilers to cover that hits a similar edge to the original with good cinematography ,directory and music score.

The new cast includes Raveena Tandon ,whose character ;Ramika Sen was revealed in the new poster on occasion of the 46 year-old actor’s birthday .

Director Prasanth Neel tweeted

“THE Gavel to brutality!!!

Wishing the powerhouse #RamikaSen @TandonRaveena a very happy birthday


@[email protected] @prashanth_neel @[email protected] @[email protected] @ritesh_sid @AAFilmsIndia @FarOutAkhtar @VaaraahiCC @hombalefilms “ making an allusion to the KGF2 family in its entirety  which is a beacon that they have roped in more stars from Bollywood like Sanjay Dutt  to make the sequel more appealing. News has it that they are off to call it a wrap once Dutt join them for the climax.

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