5 Best Horror Movies On Disney+ Right Now

5 Best Horror Movies
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5 Best Horror Movies: Horror films and Disney+ are not usually put together in a sentence. However, with the multitude of new movies being put on the streaming site, many fans find themselves wanting a bit of a scare or to show their children some must-see films, so here’s 10 to get you started.

From the offset, it should be noted that these films are not as scary as Nightmare On Elm Street or The Exorcist. After all, these are Disney films and are meant for families. Although, it cannot be ignored that some of these films stick in your brain and are guaranteed to give any kid a bit of a scare and maybe even a nightmare.

Disney+ has a lot of creepy movies that are still considered “family-friendly”. Here are the 5 best horror movies on Disney+ according to IMDb.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas: (Rating:8/10)

It’s impossible to talk about scary films without mentioning perhaps the greatest Halloween film Disney has to offer. Nightmare Before Christmas seems to go beyond the label of a cult film.

Coming out in 1993, it has retained its extreme popularity from then until now. This film depicts the King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, as he discovers Christmas Town and ends up kidnapping Santa Claus.

2. Fantasia: (Rating: 7.8/10)

One of the masterpieces of Walt Disney’s collection, Fantasia follows eight animated musical scores based on a series of classical music by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and with songs like the Nutcracker Suite, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Night On A Bald Mountain, and Ave Maria.

3. Mr. Boogedy: (Rating: 7.3/10 )

5 Best Horror Movies
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Similar to The Watcher In The Woods, this movie tells the tale of a salesman who moves his family into a new home, only to find out that the house is haunted by the people who once lived there years ago.

The only reason this film is scary is because of Mr. Boogedy’s freaky face, it’s just nightmare-inducing! All things considered, this is a greatly silly Halloween film for the whole family. Ridiculous for the adults and a relatively good start to horror films for the kids, this is undeniably a memorable watch.

4. The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad. : ( Rating: 7/10 )

What makes it chilling and the scarier of the two is both its content and its animation. Interestingly, this film contains a particularly famous scene in which the headless horseman throws a flaming pumpkin at the screen, making it feel like an almost 3D-but-not-3D jumpscare. This scene inspired part of Tim Burton’s 1999 film, Sleepy Hollow.

5. Don’t Look Under The Bed: (Rating:6.9/10)

Apparently, this film was banned from TV after countless complaints from parents that it was too intense for their children. Upon watching the film, they can’t be far wrong!

The boogeyman itself is pretty freaky, along with his sharp pointy teeth and long claws. What truly makes this film pretty scary is the way it sticks to the “don’t show the monster” rule, which leaves you guessing and imagining the worst you can.

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