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Truth Seekers: Release Date and Episode Details

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers Updates: Here is a great news for paranormal movie lovers! Amon is back with another great creepy creation. It was 1999 when Nick Frost and Simon Pegg first coupled up together for British Sitcom Spaced, which was streamed on the screens of U.K. Now, fast forward to this day, they are back, joining hands once again for Amazon’s Truth Seekers, reflecting X File vibes.

The Plot of Truth Seekers

A supernatural comedy set to gear up your attentions on the screen for a  fresh time. Featuring Frost as a broadband-installer named Gus, he is shown investigating all paranormal activities. Along with Frost we have others like Pegg in the role of Gus’ boss Dave who is his  partner with him together with a trainee,  the part of Elton, played by Samson. Kayo.

Cast of Truth Seekers


Talking about Gus in the movie, he is recognized as a person who loves to stay alone and peppery all day long. He is quite  successful in his work arena and he also has been acclaimed as the best broadband installer of his company. Aside of all these, he has a secret obsession for paranormal and ghost hunting.

Possessing a YouTube Channel, he brings forth his interests of looking for  Loch Ness monster as well as confuting great conspiracy theories. Gus is not alone, he has his father, which is enacted by Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange fame).

According to Frost, he was very well occupying his wish list and they were overjoyed when he accepted their proposal. Not only did he step into the shoes of the character but along with that, he rocked the role. Being quite vigorous both physically and mentally, he was a masterpiece.

The Crew Member

In the creation crew, we have Pegg, Nat Saunders, and James Serafinowicz along with Frost.  Talking about the success of the stories, Frost says they they always have been quite observed in ghostly materials. James would send him small tapes and stories of creepy nature.

Until one day all of them got together and gave birth to this new idea of creating a ghost series which was very welcomed by Amazon. They compelled their dreams to change into reality.

“Legends!” such was remarked by Frost’s younger costar,  Samson Kayo, while speaking about Frost and Pegg.

There is no doubt of course that the series will be a great amazon block bluster ‘Truth Seekers ‘and any one with an identical paranormal taste can hardly resist from binge watching the series. It’s going to be released this Friday, on Amazon Prime. Save the date!

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