Truth Seekers: Nick Frost and Other Cast Member speaks about their ghost stories

Truth Seekers Updates: Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz, and Nat Saundra’s co-created paranormal comedy ‘Truth Seekers’ is about to drop on Amazon later this month.

Before that many core stars talked to New York Comic Con to talk about some personal paranormal experiences. Frost recalled that after a former break-up he found all his possessions at home taken by his ex and then strange things started taking place.

He(playing Gus) and Simon Pegg would hear the doorbell ringing and the door banging all the time. Later one day he felt a kiss on his forehead by a woman but there was no one around.

Samson Kayo(playing Gus’s colleague, Alton) said his mom has been positive about seeing a mermaid for the last twenty years. Emma D’Arcy(playing Astrid) mistook a squirrel for her grandma’s spirit.

Truth Seekers: Overview

The show focuses on Gus, who with the help of Alton and Astrid wants nothing bit to find the truth about the other world so that he can either completely forget or bring back his wife who he lost years ago.

Malcolm McDowell(playing Richard, Gus’s dad) said his character did not have faith in the supernatural but it was fun playing the part. Susie Wokoma (playing Alton’s sister Helen) goes on to form a bond with Richard.

Truth Seekers

Some exclusive clips like one featuring Kevin McCarthy’s cameo of ‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers’ and another, al look of Pegg’s daughter Matilda when he himself is Gus’s boss Dave where featured on The Panel.

Truth Seekers: Release

The first season of the paranormal comedy-drama ‘Truth Seekers’ which will be consisting of eight episodes will drop on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video on October 30th, 2020.

Truth Seekers: Frost’s view on the show

According to Frost, the show is uniquely written like a three and a half hour movie, which is rare these days for the viewers. He added that they worked extremely hard for the show and he was immensely proud of it.

The show is a hilarious one which might include a jump scare or two. The show is not cynical and will surely make the viewers have a good laugh.

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