Truth Seekers: Nick and Co-Stars their ghost stories at NYCC 2020

Truth Seekers Updates: Another interesting series that has kept the fans waiting is Truth Seekers. Truth Seekers is a comedy-horror series created by Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz, and Nat Saunders. The series is all set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on October 30, 2020.

While the audience waits for the show to show-up, the core cast of the show is busy discussing their upcoming project at Comic-Con held in New York. The event started with the cast members discussing their personal outer world experience.

Nick Frost dictated an event from his life. He said, when he and his former girlfriend broke up, he went to take all his stuff, but his ex left with everything except for a mattress. After she left, strange things started taking place.

He mentioned, “I and Pegg, ended up sleeping on this single mattress and just watching The X-Files on a weird TV-video player combo. But we’d hear the door banging all the time, and this bell would ring. And then, one day I was lying there, watching TV, and I felt a woman kiss my forehead. As I span around thinking it was Simon mucking about, I was just there in the house on my own.”

Other members shared their weird encounters too.

Emma D’Arcy, who plays Astrid in the series said, she misunderstood a squirrel with her grandmother’s spirit.

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What is the Possible plot of  Truth Seekers

The show follows the life of some paranormal experts who discover and film ghosts spotted in the United Kingdom. However, slowly and steadily their encounters with paranormal activities become more scary and dangerous. The scenes are encountered funnily so that the audience gets goose-bumps while laughing.

Frost commented about the movie, “We have written it like a big, three-and-a-half-hour movie, and it’s nice that you get a chance to be able to do that in this day in age with streamers.”

From the enthusiasm of the cast, we can make out that the series is going to be amazing. Fans will thoroughly enjoy the film. We are just a few days away from experiencing the fun.

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