The Mandalorian 2 Release Date and Trailer Hiding Bigger Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian 2 Updates: Fans are eagerly waiting for Star Wars: Mandalorian 2. The series has been in talks for quite a long time now.

For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, The Mandalorian 2 is an American space television series created by Jon Favreau. The show streamed on Disney+ on November 12, 2019, with eight episodes. The show got immense love and praise from the fans and critics.

The second season of the show is all set to drop on October 30, 2020. And with this, the main character in focus these days is Baby Yoda. But how much do we really know about the kid?

The trailers of the show suggested very little about Baby Yoda. So the question here is; Are The Mandalorian trailers hiding something from us?

Here are certain assumptions which may prove that the show holds huge surprises for us ahead.

Image Source: Inverse
  • The cast members of the show were not revealed officially by the show-makers but, several huge publications such as Variety claimed that the upcoming season of the series would have a superb cast with certain new additions.

Lately, Disney has stopped any confirmation regarding the upcoming shows. This might mean they have something astonishing for us ahead.

  • Another reason why it is difficult to speculate anything about the show is, we don’t have any confirmation about the characters of the show. Whether we’ll get to see someone new in the show or the previous cast members will carry on the legacy.

There were certain rumors regarding Baby Yoda’s family appearing in the upcoming season, but there is no confirmation regarding this news too. Some fans also predicted that The Mandalorian 2 would revolve around protecting Baby Yoda. But again, we don’t have any confirmed news.

  • Another speculation we came across is the appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the show. Yes, you heard it right; Grand Admiral Thrawn may appear in the upcoming season of the show.

This didn’t seem possible some time back, but viewing the progress of the show, we can say that this might happen.

However, we don’t promise that this will happen, but all these are certain speculations that can come true in The Mandalorian 2. Let’s wait for the secrets being revealed on October 30, 2020.

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