Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 Recap: Release Date, Preview, Characters and All details you need to know

Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 Updates: Pokemon aka the Pokemon Monsters is a Japanese anime TV series, aired about two decades ago, on 1st April 1997 on TV Tokyo.

The anime contains about 7 sequential series, based on the Pokemon video games. However, in the international version, the anime is distributed over 23 installments. And the recent one is the 23rd season featuring on Netflix in the US on 12 June 2020.

The anime focuses on Ash Ketchum, one of the best trainer of Pokemon, and his Pokemon partner in crime, Pikachu. Pikachu is an adorable Pokemon who possess the power of a thunderbolt.

Another character is Goh, who joins Ash’s journey to becoming the Pokemon Master. Together they compete in various Pokemon battles known as Pokemon League. It is accompanied by a spin-off, called Pokemon Chronicles.

So, now that the latest anime is out, continue reading to know more about the latest 41st episode.

The release date on Pokemon 2019 Episode 41

The recent 41st episode of Pokemon has released on 18th October 2020 at 6:00 pm JST. It releases every episode religiously on Sunday every week.

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Recap on Episode 40 of Pokemon,

The show progresses as a quarrel begins, and the thunderclouds dissipate making the sky clearer. They walk in the city together and are quite upset as the thunder didn’t arrive yet.

Goh then questions Satoshi if he ever stumbled upon the question that egg arrived first or pokemon, to which Satoshi nods. He then asks another question on whether Thunder resides in thunderclouds or if he is surrounded by thunderclouds. Goh also tells that the Pokemon is still a mysterious one. 

Eventually, they meet Koharu at the bus stop and then they witness another thunder cloud. Goh then heads to some other direction and gets the answer to the most dreading question of Egg or Pokemon.

Finally, they reach their final destination and Goh unearths the answer regarding Pokemon coming first. Team Rocket reaches there and subsequently, thunder yells. They both head towards thunder, where Rabbifoot and Pikachu get defeated.

Saidon and Maggyo are freed by Team Rocket, who can easily defeat Thunder. Despite having a higher chance to win the battle, they target wrong every time and loose. Eventually, Rabbifoot successfully defeats thunder, by using his superweapon Blaze kick.

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