Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3: Whether to watch or not? Here’s a quick preview.

Majo no Tabitabi Updates: Although it belongs to the repetitive cliche genre, still Majo no Tabitabi has a great start. It possesses amazing animation and its combat scenes are perfectly synchronized and choreographed.  You will even fall in love with the main characters. Well, this might be a bit too early to judge the anime, but we expect it to become one of the finest anime. Continue reading to know more about the latest episode.

The release date for Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3

It is a light novel-based anime created by the infamous C2C Studio. The third episode of Majo no Tabitabi was released recently on 16th October 2020.

You can also find the dubbed (English) version of Majo no Tabitabi online on Funimation with original Japanese audio but English subtitles.

Plot details for season 3

The story starts with Eliana, who sets out on an adventurous roller coaster ride of being a witch. And eventually decides to become a witch. By nature, Eliana is a  shy, timid, naive girl, who doesn’t realize the possible problems which come along with being a witch.

When she grows up, she sticks to her dreams of becoming a witch one day. She even outperforms everyone in her entrance tests. However, after clearing the entrance, now comes the biggest hurdle. She has to now find a perfect mentor, who will guide her and train her as a witch.

Eliana travels to every random witch, begging them to teach her some sort of magic skill. but, for some mysterious reason, she gets rejected by each one of them. Finally, she meets someone, who agrees to coach her. Much to her surprise, this witch is updated with her information and the witch asks her to do all sorts of chores. This leaves her feeling frustrated and she goes to confront the witch. And this confrontation turns into a duel, where the witch almost tries to kill her.

Soon it is revealed that the witch was just having little fun, and after the duel, she decides to train Eliana. While the latter also decides to obey the witch’s every command. Gradually she fulfills her dream and sets out on her adventurous ride.

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