Julie and The Phantoms: Most Loved Characters Of The Show!

Julie and The Phantoms are a new Netflix’s presentation. This new series is an adaptation of the Brazilian show Julie e os Fantasias. The show basically revolves around a girl Julie. Representing her struggles in getting back into music after her mother’s recent death.

Then one day her life changes when she meets three ghosts who had a band together before their deaths. Now, these four begin with a new band called Julie and the phantoms. The cast and artists of Julie and phantoms are extremely talented with outstanding acting and singing abilities.

Julie and The Phantoms: Most loved characters updates

They too receive several opportunities throughout season one to showcase their talents. The show, have a handful of characters that are unique in Their own ways. Thus keeping forward some of the characters of the show that people love to watch.


Julie is the protagonist of Julie and phantoms, anew Netflix’s presentation. Basically, she is a teen girl who lost her mother recently and now getting back to her music career. The audience and fans love to connect with her and watch her struggles to find her way. She is a lovable character who has a strong bond with her friends and family.

Caleb Covington: 

Caleb Covington just seems to be a decent talking ghostly magician. He is the owner of a club that consists of multiple ghost performers. He is the key antagonist of the Julie and the phantoms. His villain character reveals when phantoms decline his offer to work in his club. Caleb just targets phantoms to join him and perform for him. But none of the phantoms wants to do that. The audience loves to hate him because of his wicked nature.


Flynn is Julie’s best friend and both of them have a strong bond and relationship. They have a healthy relationship and are always available to each other. They just discuss everything with each other. Even Julie tells her about the ghosts she met and band phantoms. Flynn is a talented teen girl with good musical talent.


He is one of those phantoms that Julie releases after playing their old album. He plays the part of the lead bassist of phantoms. He too sings in a fun grunge 1990’s fashion style. Reggie loves the company of Julie and her family. He is quite friendly and people love him for his cute and helpful character.

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