House of Cards Season 7: How the previous Season end and What we can expect from next season

House of Cards Season 7 Updates: The first series of Streaming House of Cards was a huge success on Netflix. Since the show ended abruptly in 2018, fans have been looking forward to the House of Cards season.

In this thriller film by Beau Williman, the political drama is based on the novel of the same name, written by Michael Dobbs in 1989.

For the first five seasons, Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) played an important role in the story. This was followed by Claire Hale (played by Robin Wright) in the driver’s seat. This change is due to external factors rather than discreet changes in the arc of the story.

Kevin Spacey – the actor who played Frank Underwood – has been accused of sexual harassment by Anthony Hopkins, also an actor on the show. Anthony was only fourteen at the time.

One day, when the allegations were reported, Netflix announced Season 6 as the final season. While this is not clear, it is clear that the scandal ended the show.

House of Cards Season 6 End

House of Cards Season 7
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Following the series’ removal, Frank Underwood’s’ mysterious death ‘and his wife Claire took over as President of the United States in Season 6.

Despite the change in storytelling, the show’s producers were able to deliver a good-quality season, strategically filming Frank Underwood, who was thrown out of his bed in the opening scenes of the season. In eight episodes, he expands the new story well.

As the show made a lot of profits at the time of its release, fans are still hoping for a revival. Netflix itself has canceled television shows such as Gilmore Girls, Black Mirror, and Arrested Development and no one knows about the TV show but they are unlikely to bring the series back.

From the House of Cards, Netflix has expanded on the original list. Also, it can be difficult to create more content for the series.

If you like House of Cards, you can watch a similar show on The Crown on Netflix.

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