The Kominsky Method Season 3: Alan Arkin won’t be in the show? Click to know why

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Updates: The Kominsky Method continues its journey without one of its primary actors, as Alan Arkin has would not be cast in season 3 of this Netflix series.

This show of the Chuck Lorre helmed stars Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin as primary cast. Chuck Lorre has won a couple of Golden Globes and also achieved remarkable critical success.

Michael Douglas takes credit for one of the awards, whereas, Arkin also got nominated for the one back in 2018. It is sad to know that Arkin would not be nominated further from this show.

Why Alan Arkin Won’t be in The Kominsky Method Season 3?

Arkin played as Norman New lander in The Kominsky Method, who is a friend of Sandy Kominsky, a character that Michael Douglas played. At the beginning of the show, Normal played as a caring, mournful widow who served as a foil to the irascible Sandy.

And later on, as the show continues, the characterization starts changing. Norman starts to act as an angrier person. In the last episode of the recent season, Norman considers the idea of becoming a Scientologist, which would be an intriguing move for the character.

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But it becomes a mystery whether Norman embraces this possibility or not. It is reported by the crew that Arkin will no be returning for the 3rd season of the Kominsky Method.

The reason for Arkin’s departure is vague, it would be unclear if he decides to leave the show. It is yet not clear that if he was fired or this is a mutual decision, but this is a sudden turn point, and unclear acceptance of the character is not going to appear on the screens for the next season.

If we start to predict things, the age of the actor may also be a reason for him to withdraw his role. The veteran actor is now 86 years old, it would be perfectly acceptable that he want to slow down his work and get away from the burden of intense television production.

And also, keeping in the mind, the situations around the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still unsafe for an 86 years-old guy to work in a large production house.

The upcoming work of Arkin is a voice work on Minions: The Raise of Gru, which he already completed. It is also heard that he would not be doing any shows further.

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