Stranger Things: 5 ways we admit Eleven and Max’s friendship Goals and 5 Dustin and Steve’s

Stranger Things Updates: Though Dustin and Steve and Eleven and Max have admirable friendship, their budding relationship can be adored in their own ways.

Here are five reasons each, why we can consider them friendship goals:

Stranger Things: Eleven and Max:

1) Their journey was from enmity to friendship: Things were rough in the start as Eleven resented Max as she had what Eleven couldn’t have.

And in this case, it was her friends’ company. But the Benevolence Max showed to El made them friends in season 3.

2) They are each other escape from the boyfriend world: As El’s world revolved around Mike and Max didn’t really have a social life outside Lucas their friendship was the desired break.

3) They open up adventures for each other: El’s life is all about Mike and Max’s late joining to the party did not allow them to experience much of the supernatural yet but their adventurous friendship allows them to do so.

4) They are just themselves around each other: They explore who they really are outside the group and have individual lives when together.

5) Trust factor: Since the start, El and Max have an unbreakable trust in each other’s judgments even when it comes to Mike.

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Stranger Things: Dustin and Steve:

1) Steve is Dustin’s idol and he loves it: Keeping the age gap in mind, Dustin really looks up to Steve as a really cool guy and they make each other look at themselves in a better way.

2) They are an adventurous duo: They make adventures happen instead of waiting for it to come to them on its own like most of the other characters.

3) They always have one another’s back: With the supernatural all around, they at least have each other to count on no matter what the situation is.

4) They bring each other up Even though both the characters are not in an awesome place in life, it does not stop them from reminding each other that they are talented and fun and are doing great.

5) “I will die for you” is literal when it comes to Dustin and Steve: No matter what danger comes upon them, none of them ever back out and leave the other alone. If that isn’t a friendship goal, we don’t know what is.


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