Yellowstone Season 4 Theories: Dutton shooters connection with Beck Brothers

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: Yellowstone’s finale has rendered fans with Dutton’s biggest mystery but it seems that the answers have been found already. The audience has experienced this plot changing and crazy twists in the show Yellowstone during its final moments of the third season. Along with the neo-western return to paramount next year, fans think the attack links back to the season two.

Do the Beck Brothers are anyway connected to the attack on Dutton Ranch?

Know about Yellowstone Season 3

The third season of Yellowstone has come to a conclusion this year by compelling a major rift between the Dutton family members. The fates of Beth (Played by Kelly Reily) and Kayce (by Luke Grimes) are still unclear. Their father John was seen wounded and bleeding by the road.

This incident happened when he stopped to help a random motorist and got shot down by an anonymous gunman.

yellowstone season 4

The current prime suspect could be a business rival, Roarke Morris. Though fans can assume the guilty could be adopted son Jamie Dutton after he discovered the truth about his disturbing past in the latest season.

Fans are not convinced for all three attacks including the explosion in the ranch are somehow related. They speculate a mastermind behind the whole scene and coinciding with assassination theories.

What theories fans are suggesting on this correlation!

One of the viewers stated his idea that links the attack to dual opponents of the second season of Yellowstone- the Beck brothers.

The two of them Malcolm and Teal were canny real estate barons who desperately attempted to pry the Yellowstone ranch from the Duttons to build a casino on it. Fortunately, their plans were fallen out but soon before Kyce’s young son Tate(played by Brecken Merril) got Kidnapped by Militia hired by Becks.

While some of them suggest Wade Morrow, a rival rancher who was taken to the train station, as we saw in season third. The fans suggested these conspiracies to be the origins of events that occurred in the third season.

However, by the end of the third season, there were enough possibilities for the group to conscript new members. Although the plans could be imposed by white supremacists own their own accord or it could be a new employer setting its plan in motion.

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