Chris Hemsworth changed the life of Extraction co-star

Extraction: Chris Hemsworth has played the role of hero in many movies in his Hollywood career. From Thor in Marvel Comic Universe to his latest action film Extraction. He has not taken his step back in saving the lives of many. The same way he has changed the life of his Extraction co-star in real life.

Role of Chris Hemsworth and his co-star in Extraction

In the film Extraction, Hemsworth played the role of a merciful Tyler Rake, hired to save Ovi Mahajan, the son of an International crime lord who got kidnapped. The character Ovi Mahajan is played by a young newbie Rudhraksh Jaiswal. According to Rudhraksh, it sounds like Chris gave him a piece of advice that changed his life completely.

He said ”Before I did Extraction, my life was very different. I was bullied at school, people would try to bring me down and every day I would go home crying. He’s been guiding me throughout the journey. If I’m stuck or need advice, I always reach out to him. He’s my idol. He always brings the best out of me. He helped me improve my acting techniques and taught me the art of dialogue, voice modulation, and taking pauses in between lines.”

The bond of the two in the movie

In Extraction, both Chris Hemsworth and Rudhraksh shared a lot of time together on screen, especially in the latter part of the film. Rudhraks’s interview sounds like the two of them share a good rapport that comes out in their on-screen chemistry.

Now fans have come up with a question whether we will see Rudhraksh again or not? Going back to the end of extraction, Tyler Rake’s fate is still unclear and Ovi is seen swimming n the pool with a blurred figure nearby. Some predict that figure is Tyler Rake.

If we assume, the chances of Netflix to continue the movie with the sequel is pretty high. The ending leaves us with a door open for Rudhraksh to reappear in the sequel.
The connection between Chris Hemsworth and Rudhraksh Jaiswal seems quite well both on-screen and in real life. It would be a feast for the eyes watching the two in upcoming ventures together.

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