The Ranch: Ashton Kutche Revealed why it was time to end the show-Click to know

The Ranch Updates:  Ashton Kutcher has now finally started speaking as to why he decided to close on The Ranch. While talking in WTF With Marc Maron in a Monday’s episode.

‘The Ranch’ star and executive producer of the Netflix comedy, Ashton Kutcher said that at a point it was known that the show has reached its natural ending and there was no point carrying it further.

He also talked about how the cast and everyone else involved in the show were fond of each other and loved working with one another’s company.

It was made known to them that the show’s end was coming near so that they would have the proper time to think of life ahead of the show. With Netflix being the owner of the show, anyway shooting two more seasons of the show would not grant them a syndication boon.

He also quite facetiously referred to Two and a Half Man Season 9’s ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’ and said “I’ve been on shows where you keep going and going and then you’ve got a brother who’s a gorilla.”

The Ranch: Q & A with Ashton Kutcher

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As in this episode, his mother revealed that Sheldon’s imaginary friend was not really imaginary but a gorilla alongside whom he had been raised.

There was also a revelation during Q&A that when the star signed up for Sheldon to replace the series star Charlie Sheen, he did not really sign up for that character.

He said that during his meeting with The One and a Half man’s co-creator Chuck Lorre who seemed smart and nice, the character that Lorre talked about was quite interesting and when he received the script it did not quite seem like what they talked about.

Though he always had creative concerns during the filming of The Two and a Half Men, he had a phenomenal time with the people on the show. He also talked about how during the show he had to manage some family concerns including his and Demi Moore’s divorce and how these people were extremely supportive regarding the same.

Managing personal and professional life is not easy and we all agree to that, but according to Ashon, the people on the show were always there for him.

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