Hunter x Hunter: Characters Killua can beat and Characters he can’t beat

Hunter x Hunter Updates: Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The Story is about a young boy, Gon Freescss who gets to know that his father, who left him at a very young age to be a hunter.

Another protagonist of the story is Killua, who is the best friend of Gon Freecss. Killua is very talented, and he possesses great fighting skills.

Let’s have a look at various characters he can beat, and some characters that can beat him.

Hunter x Hunter: Characters he can’t beat


Netero is one of the most powerful hunters of the manga. Killua has the capability of defending against some of the attacks of Netero, but ultimately Netero defeated Killua.


Meruem was the king of the Chimera Ants. He was the strongest amongst all the existing hunters. Killua stands no chance in front of the ultimate hunter, Meruem.


Illumi was the elder brother of Killua. His aura was so strong, that even Killua feared him. He cannot defeat his brother right now, but if he tries, he might stand a chance against him.


Menthuthuyoupi was a monster of Illumi. He was stronger than many hunters. Killua had a face-off with him when he was in is Godspeed mode, but was unable to stand in front of Youpi for a long time.


Hisoka was a former member of Phantom Troupe. He was considered to be one of the strongest hunters. His aura possessed properties of rubber and gum, giving him the name Bungee Gum. Killua couldn’t stand in front of him even in his Godspeed mode.

Hunter x Hunter: Characters he can beat

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Gon Freecss

Gon is the best friend of Killua. Although both of them are regarded to be the same in terms of powers, Killua seems to get a step further with Godspeed.


Leorio is also Gon’s friend. He aspires to be a doctor. Therefore, he hasn’t even practiced Nen. He stands no chance against Killua, as he’ll face a fierce defeat even if he tries to pick a fight.


Genthru is the main antagonist of the story. He is an amazing Nen, but Gon defeated him which means Killua can also do it.


Kalluto is the younger brother of Killua. He is a strong hunter, but his skills can’t bear the power of both his brother’s Killua and Illumi.


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