Dragon Dogma Season 2: Renewal status, Possible Plot & Much more

Dragon Dogma Season 2

Dragon Dogma Season 2 Updates: After the immense dark and fierce first season of Dragon’s Dogma, fans are curious to know if there will be another sequel or not. There is fine certainty about the second season, yet we are waiting for Netflix to confirm the news.

Know about the series

Dragon Dogma’s in an original dark fantasy animated series on Netflix. It is created by Capcom and is based on Capcom’s highly underrated JRPG of a similar name. The series is written by Sunayama while Shinya Sugai served as the creative director.

Sublimation produced the respective series with persisting the use of CGI in anime.

The renewal status of Dragon Dogma Season 2 on Netflix

The last time Netflix updated the renewal status of the anime is on 21 Sept 2020. Out of many Netflix originals, this one has just arrived so we still have plenty of time to get familiar with the anime Dragon Dogma. The series obviously stands the potential to be renewed for a sequel.

Dragon Dogma Season 2

Expected Plot for the second season of Dragon Dogma

As we saw in the final episode of the first season, Ethan and Arisen had successfully asserted their revenge against the Dragon but sealed his own fate forever. Unaware of the fact that killing the dragon with the vengeful motivation would cause him to become the next Dragon and this cycle repeats constantly.

Though it’s still unclear that Ethan has fully taken over by dragon instincts and rendered with less of humanity. Assuming if the second season comes, there are plenty of assumptions to be made. As knowledge about the vicious cycle of the Arisen and the Dragon, Ethan has to choose somebody as powerful to defeat the Dragon.

When we could expect to see the second season on Netflix?

It might take a bit longer to get a glimpse of the second season of Dragon Dogma on Netflix. Talking about the first season, it took one year and a half to produce the season, so assuming we still have to wait until 2022 to come familiar with the news of production of the sequel.

If you didn’t watch the anime yet go give a shot and do tell us your experience of it.

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