Attack On Titan Season 4 Producers Revealed the reason behind the studio change

Attack On Titan Season 4 Updates: As everybody knows that season four of Attack On Titan is on its releasing edge. There are expectations that it will be a blockbuster grand finale of Attack on Titan.

Current news that you may not be aware is regarding the change in the studio of production. Season four of Attack on Titan will Handel by MAPPA studios. The production changes its production studio from WIT to MAPPA studios.

The first three seasons of Attack On Titan were produced under WIT studios only. A few days ago the reason behind this massive change was not revealed. But recently the production team comes up with a strong reason for this change.

Reason for changing studio :

Recently during an interview producers of the show reveals the reason behind this decision. Attack on Titan is a co-creation of producers Kensuke Tateishi, Toshihiro Maeda, and Tetsuya Kinoshita. They all come up with strong reasons to support their decision.

The team states that even when the third season of Attack on Titan was in production. They already discussed their plans with WIT studios regarding studio change. The decision gets stronger day by day as the season third ends.

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As the finale of the third season represents where Eren and Survey corps gaze into the ocean. This will surely bring a great twist to the story. After a large amount of discussion with MIT studios team felt that it will not be possible to produce next season there. That’s the reason they started searching for another studio.

Though many studios respectfully decline their offer as they realize it’s a big deal or big shoes to fill in. The only studio that comes up with a willingness to work with them was MAPPA studios.

About Attack on Titan Season 4 : 

So officially Attack on Titan season will handle by MAPPA studios. Yuichiro Hayashi is the director of the upcoming fourth season. Scriptwriting g responsibilities are with Hiroshi Seko.

Meanwhile, all the character designs and scenes are headed by Tomohiro Kishi. With the change of studio, there may be some minor changes in the crew too. The grand finale fourth season of Attack on Titan is currently scheduled to land on 7 December 2020. Just get ready for the amazing end.

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