When will Absentia Season 4 be out on Amazon Prime Video? And How to stream?

Absentia Season 4 Updates: Absentia is an Amazon Prime video series that has proved to be immensely famous. It shows up an FBI agent named Emily Byrne who flew to be missing on a case, and confirmed dead in absentia.

When Emily routes her way after 6 years, she comes to know that her husband has remarried – and Emily is rapidly pulled into a string of murders.

The series stars Stana Katic and ran for 3 seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

ABOUT Absentia Season 4

At an instinct, season 3, is the final season of Absentia. However, the story was solved in such a way that fans are looking up if there any pick up for season 4 after the last episode of season 3.

If there’s a new season of Absentia it would be aired on Amazon Prime Video, and it would maybe stream somewhere around in 2021.

In the paved situation of coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of disruption to the entertainment industry, so it’s even harder to guess the release dates at the moment.


Well, at this moment nothing is finalized nor confirmed from any sources.

Amazon picked up Absentia for a third season after the show was canceled on AXN, though, it points to the pennant who believes Absentia has a good capability.


Season 3 ends with Emily faking the death of her husband and son, then escapes herself.

She did tell Cal Issac (Matthew LeNevez) where to locate her, however, and the two adapt at the end of season 3. At Cal’s advice, they could work again together, Emily takes off the wig she was using it as concealment- so it everything revolves around a possible fourth season showing Emily and Cal together again.

There’s also few guesswork’s that the Meridian file could come into gameplay once more- and there are still quite questions revolving about Emily’s husband and son, checking out that they were not seen in the flash-forward.


If season 4 looks up for the production then the cast would be likely the same as before season. Includes

  • Stana Katic as Emily Byrne
  • Patrick Heusinger as Nick Durand
  • Neil Jackson as Jack Byrne
  • Paul Freeman as Warren Byrne
  • Christopher Colquhoun as Agent Crown
  • Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand
  • Matthew Le Nevez as Cal Isaac



As season 4 has not been confirmed, there’s no trailer nor any promo videos for it. However, the trailers are available in YouTube and can stream all 3 seasons on Amazon Prime Video with a 30 days free trial.


Though Absentia is set in Boston, It is in fact filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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