Tokyo 7th Sisters Anime Film is Rescheduled for Early 2021

Tokyo 7th Sisters Updates: Tokyo 7th sisters Anime Film has been rescheduled for early spring The official website for the Tokyo 7th Sister Bokura was Aozara ni Naru which roughly translated to we will be the blue sky in English on Friday Which is an anime film and has been adopted from a rhythm game developed by donuts and it was declared on next year in two thousand twenty-one (2021) that the film will make its premiere.

In this title, the female anime cast as the main characters this film and it will be voiced by a Japanese voice actress. 777 Sisters is another name of this film. In the year of 2014 ( two thousand fourteen ), the game was released.

In japan theatres, this film was available during early spring in the next year 2021. On this pandemic Year (due to corona ) of the time, the schedule has been changing and which disrupted the schedule for other films and series as well and we don’t. Know exactly when the schedule was in 2021 ( two thousand twenty-one).

In 2020 ( two thousand twenty ) the Tokyo seventh Sisters film was supposed to be released this year Only, It will have a duration of seventy minutes the release of this film was scheduled in the summary of this year 2020 ( two thousand twenty ) to abstract the sixth anniversary of the papular game.

Tokyo 7th Sisters Rescheduled for Early 2021

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For the delay of this film the production companies which are working on the film, they have apologized to fans who are waiting for this film the further updates about the anime film they said to fans and critics to check the official Twitter account of Tokyo seventh sister anime film.

In 2020 Of this year the song of this film will be released in the month of November on the twenty-fifth In 2020. The song is called Departures, tomorrow’s song, or in Japanese Ashita no Uta.

The illustration of the single across the rainbow was shared and is available on Crunchyroll for the upcoming film you also check that site know more details of this Tokyo seventh Sisters anime film.

In India or any other country, we do not know when the film will be available exactly released date, for the upcoming year of 2021 we can expect this film but not sure about date and month on the 2021 year.
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