COVID-19 Updates: This Blood Group people are at lower risk of Infection

COVID-19 Updates: As per reports from studies in Denmark and Canada, the people with O type blodd group have low chance of COVID-19 transmission.

According to CNN, These two studies are done by separate entities in Denmark and Canada, and as per the experts after the research on various blood groups they have found this result.

As per Danish Report the people of O type blood group has only 38.4% of COVID-19 positivity, whereas this blood group has 41.7% share in total population there.

The Canadian study found that people with A or AB positive people are 61% who tested as COVID-19 positive, which is very high as compared to O Type people.

Dr. Mypinder Sekhon, who was leading the team in Canada and have authored the report and study told CNN that when he examine and evalutes the patient during working at Vancouver General Hospital, he finds that there must be “repeated findings across many jurisdictions” which shows link and can be considered a “definitive marker.”

The Doctor said “I don’t think this supersedes other risk factors of severity like age and co-morbities and so forth,”.

The Senior author of Denmark’s Study Dr. Torben barington aslo agreed that the all the findings from the study have so much potential in scitific interest, and it can help in COVID-19 vaccine, but there are still various factors we have to look upon.

He tols to CNN that “We do not know whether this is some kind of protection of group O, or whether it’s some kind of vulnerability in the other blood groups,”.

COVID-19 Current Cases

During writing this post the world has reached to 38.6M cases of COVID-19, and out of which 37.51M have recovered and deaths are 1.09M, in worldwide.

In United States of America the cases are the highest with 7.95M Cases out of which 217K people died already.

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