Away Season 2 Cast and Crew share thier Predictions- Click to know

Away Season 2 Updates: In this pandemic sworn time which makes it really difficult to find some comfort around, Netflix is here to help us chill.

It is back with another new family series which will help us feel comfortable and especially visionary during this tough time.

This series, “Away”,  is going to take us to the cosmos, far from the earth. Hilary Swank in the shoes of Emma Green, the conflicted commander, is going to lead the humans to space for the first time.

At home, she leaves behind Alexis, her teenage daughter,  and husband, Matt, who was an astronaut previously and has suffered a  stroke, which made him much frail and fragile.

Her vision commands her to stay away from her family for a couple of years. While she is away on the red planet, with her crew, her family is not in a very favorable condition. Alexis, her daughter (Talitha Bateman)  is meeting her rebellious identity and her husband Matt (Josh Charles), just misses her badly.

Away Season 2 seems to be quite affirmative: 

Andrew Hinderaker, back in early September 2020, articulated his views on yet another new season of the series. He said that it would be wrong if they close the series after the very first season itself.

Image Source: Daily Express

Such a drastic move won’t be quite justiciable on the part of the audience, who have been loving the first season of the series, to the utmost. Neither will be valid on the part of the “Away” crew, since the crew is waiting wholeheartedly to mark their appearance, once again in the plot.

Conversing with the Radio Times, Ato Essandoh, who plays Kwesi, thought that there are plans for the second season for sure and he would like to be there in the cast. Bateman also anticipates another fresh new season.

In case there is a second season, it would take some time to reach us :

It won’t be this soon that we would be witnessing the new season on the screen. Taking in the view, its intricating and expensive setting, which costs a great deal per episode, is going to delay the whole of it.

In an interview, Goldberg had to say,  “Some of the scenes, like where Hillary does that spacewalk and has to deploy the solar panel, you know? That’s something that takes hours of plotting in advance. Thinking about what to build, how to do it, putting the actors on wires, it’s quite complicated.”

Not forgetting about the burning pandemic, which has affected Hollywood to a great extent as well, we can expect the season somewhere in 2021.

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