Money Heist Season 5 Reasons how Berlin is still alive and All Other Details

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: Money Heist is the most trending series of 2020 on Netflix. We all are super excited for Netflix originals, Money Heist’s 5th Season, but also a bit sad, as this would be the series finale too.

While waiting for the upcoming season of the infamous Money Heist, we came across several fan theories regarding what possibly would happen in the future, who might survive or who is gonna die.

These questions have bugged us for the last few months. Well, you would find the answers to these questions here. But most importantly, the most asked question regarding, Is Berlin still alive?

We have come across several fan theories which were the answer to the above-mentioned question, so continue reading to know more.

Probable Reasons for Is Berlin Alive?

It’s a TV series, after all, he should survive

Berlin is assumed dead after his disappearance in season 2’s finale. We last saw him giving cover fire in the escape tunnel for others to escape the police. This scene then shifts to Berlin moving towards the police after which he is shot with high caliber bullets.

Image Source: Film Daily

In real life, however, no one can survive such a scenario, but its a TV show after all, so, we can expect such drama here. We expect Berlin to be alive with some scars, as earlier he found a treatment for his terminal illness. 

Money Heist Season 5: Faking death in TV shows is quite common

We think, that the last heist is an indicator that Berlin is still alive. Ok, let’s start from the beginning, Rio was captured by the police authorities. Instead of following the legal protocol, they took him to a far off place and tortured him. So, who can guarantee that Berlin has not undergone similar proceedings? 

Afterall in Money Heist fake death occurrence is quite common. Such as, when Professor overheard gunshots imagined Lisbon is dead, but the police had faked it. So, we expect Berlin to also fake it.

So, if Berlin comes back to life, by any means, then all the fans would be super excited. Just imagine how excited and thrilled fans would be when they would notice Berlin back in action.

But, it will only be possible by the writers, if they decide then Berlin will come alive or unfortunately he won’t return and we will have a newer introduction.

So, let’s wait for the upcoming season’s arrival. And till then stay tuned.

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