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Is Doctor Strange entering Spider-Man 3?


The news of Doctor Strange joining Spider-Man 3 has spread like wildfire. The viewers were eager to watch Doctor Strange in the Spidey series. Spider-Man 3 will continue the journey of Tom Holland; he will take on the characters in the upcoming series.

No official details have been revealed bout the 3rd part of the Spider-Man series, but some recent reports regarding the upcoming movie have revealed several characters that Peter Parker will be taking upon. Jamie Foxx will reprise his role as Electro, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange will be replacing Iron Man in the role of his mentor.
There have been various theories about the characters in phase 4. Some say, that several characters will be drawn from other MCU, not connected to MCU. Much of this stems from the inclusion of Dr. Strange in the Marvel’s phase 4 slates.

Doctor Strange entering Spider-Man 3

Doctor Strange entering Spider-Man 3

The inclusion of Dr. Strange in the film doesn’t mean Peter Parker has a role in the Dr. Strange series as he would not fit into Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch’s multiverse adventure. The return of Foxx’s Electro, and Dr. Strange teaming up with Parker, provides powerful evidence that inter-dimensional mischievousness will be taking place in Spider-Man 3 as well.

This gives us a clear indication that multiverse will play a role in at least two upcoming Marvel movies. Strange being around also put emphasis on alternate worlds, and the fact that Spider-Man 3 is already relying on at least one character from a part of Spider-Man film proves, that Marvel Cinematic Universe has an opportunity to use Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man 3 can be the MCU’s own spidey-verse story. There will be much more in the film; we’ll get to have a gist of it once a trailer comes out. The movie still doesn’t have a title, but we think we’ll hear something from the film-makers soon.

So, let us wait and watch what more does the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in the store for us.

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