GTA 6 Release Date News: and Rackstar Games revealed a huge hint

GTA 6 Updates: After the ultimate collection and success by GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most desperately awaited games currently. But till now Grand Theft Auto 6 ‘s release seems to be a mystery.

Although Rockstar games are an announcement confirms the updated version of GTA 5 in 2021. This can be a small drop in drought for gamers and lovers. This means that we can expect GTA 6 somewhere around 2022.

Since the first release of GTA 5, it’s been a decade. The First-ever edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 first landed foreplay Station 3 and X box 360 in 2013. With and updates version new edition in 2015 for Play station 4 and X box one.

Then finally in 2017, this game became available for computers. From console to computers this game witness severely updates. One edition of he with three editions and fourth currently in process, this is the beauty of this industry.

Strauss Zelnick and his comments :

As everybody and especially gamers are desperate to know about GTA 6 and plans for it. According to our sources, the CEO of Rockstar games Strauss Zelnick makes some comments during a conference.

Image Source: Den of Geek

Discussing how the development process of the upcoming games is heading in the Corona pandemic. Zelnick confirms that everybody is working from home. Appreciating the works of his men he reveals that every team is extremely productive.

Zelnick also tells “back in the motion picture business” for taking two. He also reveals that he is not able to examine any type of quality of degradation in their works. As their chances of this thing because the office shifts home. Meanwhile, Zelnick has a bunch of titles that he can refer to GTA fans.

Case of a leak in GTA 6 project : 

The only case till now in air is the leak of information of GTA 6 by actor Jorge Consejo. On his official website, in race sections, Consejo previously mentioned playing part in GTA 6. Later it was deleted. The work on GTA 6 is currently in process since 2018. Consejo once shares some of his photographs wearing motion capturing suit on Instagram.

So after going through a glimpse of views by Strauss Zelnick, expecting some good news on GTA 6 soon. Everyone is extremely excited about an update.

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