Julie And The Phantoms: 4 Questions We Have After Season 1

Julie And The Phantoms Updates: Netflix went spooky in a lot of time for Halloween this year, however, Julie and the Phantoms’ apparitions weren’t of the creepy variety. The melodic dramedy stars Madison Reyes as the adolescent Julie, who musically works through the torment of her mom’s passing with the assistance of her three bandmates every one of whom happens to be phantoms who passed on from eating awful wieners in 1995.

Julie is the one in particular who can see them, aside from when they’re all performing together, and the outcome is a clever, ardent, and superbly unusual arrangement.

The good news about Julie and the Phantoms Season 1 is that the closure demonstrated the show actually has a lot of ground to cover in a second season, and the finale nearly brought up a greater number of issues than it replied.

Julie And The Phantoms: 4 questions we have

The terrible news is that Season 2 isn’t ensured now, particularly thinking about a portion of Netflix’s ongoing cancellations.

Until further notice, we should take a look at four Julie and the Phantoms address worth considering after the primary season!

How Long Can Julie’s Hologram Story Work?

Julie’s public clarification for how Luke, Alex, and Reggie in the entirety of their mid-90s wonder in every case fly into the reality behind her during tunes is that they’re visualizations. While it bodes well that individuals would hook onto visualizations instead of quickly go for “phantom band,” Julie can’t avoid inquiries regarding how she pulls it off everlastingly, correct?

The “multidimensional image projector” she set up is quite basic, and all it will take is something as basic as a force blackout for reality to come out.

What Is The Phantoms’ Unfinished Business?

Luke, Alex, and Reggie found toward the finish of Julie and the Phantoms Season 1 that playing the Orpheum wasn’t their incomplete business all things considered, so they didn’t traverse and were just spared from stopping to exist by a very late mediation from Julie.

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Anyway, what is their incomplete business? In case we will be strict, a pamphlet on the divider close to Luke’s missing individual banner when they took their game-changing sausage chomps in 1995 really says “Incomplete BUSINESS” and appears to show a band, yet it may not be that straightforward.

What Will Caleb Do With Nick?

Ghost magician Caleb Covington (played by American Horror Story’s Cheyenne Jackson) baited the Phantoms to his club and attempted to enlist them to join his home band; when that fizzled, he stepped them with an imprint that would either tie them to his club forever or wipe them from presence.

With Julie’s assistance, the folks dodged either destiny, yet Caleb wasn’t done with them. Scratch appeared at Julie’s home with blossoms, just for Caleb to have him. So what will Caleb do with Nick in Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, expecting Netflix provides the recharging request?

Will The Phantoms Keep Feeling?

In addition to the fact that Julie managed to stop Luke, Alex, and Reggie from being wrecked, yet they by one way or another picked up the capacity to feel and be felt after their stamps were taken out. The in a real sense gleaming gathering embrace was an endearing method to end the season for Julie and her Phantoms.

Will the folks actually have the option to contact and feel lifers in Season 2, or were that just while they were shining and being spared? On the off chance that they can even now feel, would they be able to eat with no danger of death through road canine? Also, can Julie and Luke really clasp hands?

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