Is Chris Hemsworth’s brother joining MCU as Wolverine?

Wolverine Updates: For a whole age, the iconic Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, characterized the role of Logan otherwise known as Wolverine. And as of now, another Australian actor has given it a shot for getting ready as the mauled freak once Logan advances into the MCU.

Chris Hemsworth’s, elder sibling Luke Hemsworth lately uncovered to entertainment media house ScreenRant that it would mean the world to him to fill in Hugh’s shoes as the new Wolverine.

Wolverine: Chris Hemsworth’s brother wants to join MCU?

Things being what they are, Luke’s way to turning out to be Wolverine may be somewhat damaged by the fact that he is as of now an aspect of the MCU as Thor, though in a little cameo. In Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder, played by Luke’s younger sibling Chris, shows up on Asgard to discover Loki camouflaged as Odin watching a play about the demise of Loki.

Image source: cinemablend

In that play, Luke Hemsworth was playing the part of Thor, while Matt Damon was playing the part of Loki. While just being a couple of scenes long, that arrangement set up Luke and Damon as Asgardian actors inside the MCU, and that essentially keeps them from taking on any other role in the MCU.

Obviously, rules are meant to be broken, and Luke Hemsworth has the sort of rough Aussie attractiveness that would make him a commendable replacement to Jackman accepted Disney be slanted to move toward that path. For the present, the studio has kept absolute secrecy over any conversations with respect to the casting of any new actors in the role of the MCU’s X-Men.

Meanwhile, while Luke likewise seems finished with his role as Thor in the establishment, another actor is preparing to seize the throne for the God of Thunder in the forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster, is set to turn into the new proprietor of the charmed hammer Mjolnir and every one of its powers, and she, as of late revealed that she is working diligently getting into hero shape for the job.

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