Glow: The final series to be reportedly replaced with a movie

Glow update: A highly ebullient drama-comedy spur, about women empowerment within the wrestling circle, is a multi-awarded series for its outstanding stunt coordination. This Netflix series spews out a fictionalization of the characters and gimmicks of the 1980s’ women’s professional wrestling circuit called Gorgeous Ladies’ Of Wrestling abbreviated as GLOW.

The original first landed on June 23, 2017 marching on for 10 episodes and was produced for 2 more consecutive seasons while the 4th one is being axed even after having initiated its shoot, because of the global pandemic.

Glow: The final series to be reportedly replaced with a movie

This show was celebrated upon for its uncynical humor with each of the whole-hearted characters standing on firm grounds while traversing the complications of unswerving sustainability. It was noted to hail from under the female directorship of the lead actor  Maron’s late partner, Lynn Shelton which caused this series to hit a bumpy a ride along with the high production costs for maintaining the COVID-19 protocols.

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However, it must project it’s denouement for which the showrunners might give a shot to a GLOW movie. Actor Marc Maron typed out a long message to the fans saying

“It’s a shame. But I think what they should do and I’m pitching this and if you do like to get involved ……feel free to tweet at Netflix that you’re upset about GLOW.

Why don’t you allow the showrunners and the writers and the cast to finish the story in a movie? That would be great and it would take the financial pressure off and the writers could put together a movie and play it out” letting out his urge to give it a rounded finish forbidding it a proper farewell.

It is not too far-fetched thinking as it would be easier navigation to condense it into a briefed story. S3 ended on a cliffhanger when Ruth turned her back to Debbie’s offer of directing the TV renewal of the show.

The story needs a satisfactory closure at least through a movie centering around just the dominant characters, keeping aside the side scraps. Although that might not be as gratifying as the full season is still worth a while.

Looking at the fate of its contemporaries; Altered Carbon and The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance that has gained social media coverage still was destined for cancellation by Netflix, allegedly for falling short of the viewership; makes this wrap-up movie even more remote.

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