World Egg Day 2020: Beside Chicken’s which Eggs are Edible for Humans

On World Egg Day 2020 we are going to tell you about the Edible Eggs which you can take in your meals. Eggs are the most nutrient-rich and have mostly every types of protein inside them, But Can we eat every types of eggs. Here we have discussed about which kind of eggs are edible.

From Proteins to every types of Vitamins we can get every types nutrients in eggs.

Types of Eggs which we can eat this World Egg  day 2020:

The Chicken Egg

The most common egg is the chicken egg which humans can eat, they are basically of two types brown and white. We can get every nutrients like proteins, calcium and zinc.

Quail Eggs

Quail’s eggs are also edible for humans as they are brownish dots on their surface, the eggs are vitamin rich and have other nutrients too.

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs has the larger yolk and every other eggs, But have much more fat than other eggs. Vitamin B complex can be get from these eggs.

The Caviar Eggs

Caviar egg is most popular fish egg, The Caviar eggs have anti-oxidants and have sea minerals in largeer quantity.

Goose Eggs

Goose Eggs are the birds egs and are double in size of chicken eggs. The taste og Goose Eggs is much more than regular eggs. The Goose eggs has 19.97g of protein and 6.23g in chicken egg.

Turkey Eggs
These eggs are very similar to duck eggs in size, Turkey eggs has thicker yolk than other eggs and rich in calcium along with protein.

EMU Eggs
These are one of the biggest egg as it have 1Kg on weight, and these eggs have so much layers on them they can be dark green in color and sometime black.

Hilsa Eggs
On World Egg Day 2020 , Hilsa eggs are found in Indian Sub-continent and are delicay. Hilsa is a fish which eggs are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acid and other nutrients too.

The Ostrich Eggs
Ostrich is one of the biggest bird in the world and it’s eggs are also edible, Ostrich eggs have thicker shell which makes in very hard to open. Ostrich eggs can have weight more than 2Kg and 20 times more thicker than chicken’s eggs.

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