Knock Knock is about to be stream on Netflix – Release Date and Plot Details

Knock Knock Coming to Netflix: Marking, it’s presence just as soon as the Halloween concludes, on November 1st slot is the thriller of Keanu Reeves , Knock Knock. Though the movie missed the Halloween season knock out very closely, it is sure to appear on Netflix in US on 1st of November 2020.

Details about Knock Knock

Back in 2015, when the movie was released, we have already seen that, Evan, whose role is played by Keanu Reeves, appears on the screen as a contented, married man. One fine night, when it was raining incessantly he discovered two girls just outside his door. These two girls, Ana de Armas and Lorenza Izzo, were in search of a night’s shelter to dry themselves and a phone. Evan, decided to welcome the two ladies indoors, having a least idea that he was inviting two atrocious people with heinous intentions inside his house.

Directed by Eli Rother, Knock Knock’s screenplay is written by  Eli and Nicolás López.

For the purpose of viewing, the movie appears in countries,  Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, and Romania. Same is been screened currently on streaming giant, Netflix.

Releasing on Netflix

However, yesterday,  it was notified over  the arrival of the Knock Knock, on Facebook. On doing so, the post served as a bait for negative comments to attract the critics. Someone says that it is the worst movie, he has ever come across, while another suggests not waste the time by watching such a movie by tagging an epithet as ” worst movie in the history of the world”.

We also not quite ignorant of the fact that, the huge streaming platform, Netflix is on licensing terms with other providers such as  Lionsgate, Sony, Warner, and others. The date of renewal is the very first day of the month. This also opens the fact that there is also going to be many more removals as to who will fail to new the term.

Considering the fact that this movie is in line a few other movies to be broadcasted on the first day of November, let’s see whether it traces it’s way to the screen. Holding a rating of  4.9 on  IMDb, the same movie rates 7.2 on Metacritic. Therefore, we can witness the wide chasms of scores in the different rating channels, which in turn display the gaps present in the reviews.

Are you still eagerly waiting to give the movie a watch ? If yes,  do let us know. For more updates on your interests, do stick around.

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