Enola Holmes renovates Sherlock Holmes better than the show itself!!

Enola Holmes Updates: Netflix’s trending series, Enola Holmes is set in the Victorian Era, but despite the setting, it provides a modern twist to Sherlock Holmes, even way better than Sherlock itself.  In the TV industry, there are certain fictional characters, who leave a huge impact on the audience with their dialogue delivery and acting skills.

Ultimately, they become famous for those characters, but replacing them becomes next to impossible. Sherlock Holmes is one such character portrayed by several eminent artists over time. But, in the trending series Enola Holmes, Superman aka Henry Cavil portrays Sherlock in a quiet professional manner.

It exists in a very particular context, both in terms of place as well as time. Sherlock is fixed to the Victorian Era, making modernization a bit more challenging. So, this attempt of Enola Holmes, will it serve justice to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original villain or not, you will find out after reading the entire article.

The storyline for Enola Holmes

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Netflix’s Enola Holmes is set in London in the Victorian Era. Millie Brown aka Enola is a teenager who lives in Victorian London. She has a modern mindset that helps in modernizing the Sherlock story. But it is nothing awkward, as she is brought up in that way by her beautiful mother. She stands out from the rest of other people as her mother’s thinking was way ahead of the decade.

Holmes’ opponents are either foreigners or corrupted people.  Enola Holmes depicts the instability in that era in a precise and balanced manner.  Eudora Holmes chooses a radical and militant approach which ultimately is proven unnecessary as her daughter decides to change the world with her brain instead.

This type of message is not present in Sherlock’s adaptations. Which ultimately makes the world a bit static rather than fluid. There is a huge and fascinating contrast between Enola and Sherlock’s adaptation. Enola calls her elder brother that, he doesn’t want to change the world as it works perfectly for him.

He never tries to reform society only in the fear of defamation. You will also find several recent issues like the #MeToo movement, # the black lives matter movement, etc in the series. It’s like a huge mirror to the current phase of our society. Enola Holmes will definitely help us efficiently unravel some sensitive issues.

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