Wentworth season 8 Finale: What and When, Recap

Wentworth season 8: made an appearance on July 28th, 2020 on the small screens. That’s the reason why fans of Australian television series were so excited after getting back their most-wathe series in the world.

Season 8 of went worth has recently dropped on September 29. Still, the fans really enjoyed the last episode named ‘The Enemy Within’ on 28th July. Now mainly the fans outside of Australia are highly waiting for the series to get streaming as soon as possible on Netflix.

For now, the audience can stream Wentworth season 8 at 12:01 pm PT on Wednesday your own Netflix screens just after two months after its release in Australia.

Wentworth season 8: Plot

This is what we got to see for episode 10 of Season 8th Wentworth named ‘The Enemy within’ Lou discovered that her own cell phone is missing which the cash that they had accumulated for Reb’s surgery of gender reassignment surgery got stolen. Supported misinformation, Reb is eventually tended to believe that her phone and the cash has been stolen by Allie. Allie was saved by winter when Reb brutally bashing her. Winter pressed the buzzer.

Meanwhile, Boomer met together with her telephone friend and discovers that he’s a pornographer who runs a porn website. Despite the fact of pressure from Vera, Dr. Greg Miller testifies in the court that Joan Ferguson is tormented by traumatic damage in the brain. Then Sheila tries to drive a wedge between Reb and Lou by the revelation that he had participated in the doctor’s sexual assault on patients.

Judy later wounded Allie by stabbing her in the shower. It also got revealed that the one who stolen Reb’s money for surgery was Judy and then used it to rent a secretary of state, who is seeking her extradition. When vera approved, Joan is placed by Linda in a very spit hood, for causing her to experience a breakdown.

The past announcement about Wentworth Season 8 revealed that the penultimate season, which suggests the audience is ready to watch Season 9. Earlier it was absolutely told that the series would continue till 2021 which implies the Wentworth Season 9 is going to get in the subsequent year.

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