The Kissing Booth’s Joel Courtney and Long-time Love Mia Scholink Are Married!

Joel Courtney Updates: On 27th September, in Arizona, a hero and his lover got married as a destination marriage. Is Joel Courtney is spliced?

In Phoenix, a hero of “The Kissing Booth”, 24 and his girlfriend Mia Scholink married with the blessings of family and his friends.

Courtney to the audience “I’m very thrill to engage”. And he also says that he is very lucky to marry his close friend which was the thing more planned and thrilled.

How Love Story Started?

Yet their love story started in 2017, Mia Scholink, 23, a Beauty consultant. Courtney also says they know to each other from childhood and Courtney and his cousins also played with Mia for 3-4 years. Courtney’s family knew Mia’s family even before they were born. As Courtney’s father helped Mia’s father with some Web Development tasks, so they know to one another.

He resumes saying “ they connected in 2015 and again they went for dating in 2017” later on for some days they had a breakup and later they started dating in 2019.

Courtney and Mia to plighted on a special day February 14th. This COVID pandemic disturbed few ideas but both managed to have their fantasy wedding.

Image Source: Popsugar

At the venue, we took all the precautionary measures for Covid-19 as the seating capacity was only for 50 people. We also dint bother about interacting with guests with each other, as few people may prefer to maintain social distancing and less interacting with other people.

When we questioned them about the special moments about their marriage, both answers were likely to each other.

Courtney says that he was unaware of Mia’s outfit, and he knows only the color she will wear which was common for the wedding. Mia adds “We hadn’t met each other after dinner night, so it was excited to see him at the wedding”.

At present, the married Courtney and Scholink are looking further for their honeymoon. “Courtney said that Mia was the most gorgeous wife in the creation forever”

Scholink replies: “I married the best man ever!”

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