Teenage Bounty Hunters: Cancellation Update & What we know so far

Teenage Bounty Hunters Updates: This American comedy-drama is truly an underrated gem not going with the corny title. Beyond its high school premise, it extends to an incredible degree in parental drama, romantic involvements, and other hitches of the teenage life which is often not brought to light with such intricacy.

We have got many of the coming-of-age dramas over the years like ‘Riverdale’,’Thirteen Reasons why’,’Bluffy’ etc. but this is self-standing; on the other side of the emulation of these melodramas’ standard pitfalls with tricky genres. Rather it illustrates the trials and tribulations of the jaunty youth.

A fan once wrote on Twitter-“The fact that a show called Bounty Hunters is one of the funniest, most touching, best -cast shows of the year with genuinely nuanced takes on religion, forgiveness and being a teenager is just another 2020 oddity ” marking it a cult classic loved by many.

Despite receiving such positive feedbacks by Netflix has opted not to pick up its 2nd season. To make sure you don’t give this series a miss, here’s a little guide to the storyline:

Teenage Bounty Hunters: Possible Plotline

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This 10 episodes long show dropped its debut on August 14 spending some premium time on Netflix’s trending top 10’s list which makes its cancellation more of an utter disappointment. It entails two Atlanta-based fraternal twins  Sterling and Blair longing for adventure amidst their pristine Southern lifestyle and ends up being enlisted as a bounty hunter with Bowen Jenkins.

The siblings balance their academic lives and hazards of a questionable secret profession among local baddies; completely uninterested in addition to their over-the-top fluttering between romance and advanced school work

Cast- Who will return?

Created by Kathleen Jorden, it stars Madelie Philips as Sterling Wesley, Anjelica Bette Fellini as her twin partner Blaire Wesley, Kadeem Hardison as the veteran bounty hunter Bowden Jenkins, Virginia Williams as Debbie Wesley; mother to the twins, and also as Dana Culpepper which in turn is her twin sister.

The latest episode revealed Dana as the biological mother to Sterling and ended with a cliffhanger which is restrained from a resolution.

Reflecting upon the cancellation, popular series GLOW’s final season and some debutant hit like ‘The Society’ and ‘I’m not okay with this ‘ are also called off. Apparently, the streaming service does not act correspondingly to the viewership and consistent ratings, so these shows might have fallen victim to the ongoing epidemic.

Stay tuned in as we keep you posted on its latest updates

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