Review of the Haunting of bly manor: worth the watch or not?

The Haunting of Bly Manor Review: If you are still not over from The haunting of hill house, get ready to delve into another horror anthology ”The Haunting of Bly Manor”. A gothic romance influenced ghost series based on the novel The turn of the screw by Henry James.

Following the same cast members and setting of the 80s, Flanagan is all set to articulate the tragedy. He paid meticulous attention to the details and characters to be more haunted than the house.

The plot of the movie (The Haunting of Bly Manor)

The events of the story don’t fit the same as the Hill House but the narrative choices add a spooky element and avoid unnecessary complications. Flanagan unlocks a new evocative universe by gathering us around a fireplace and implicates the story about family and doomed love life.

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A young American lady named Dani Clayton played by Victoria Pedretti who originally played Nell, is hired to work for a family that holds numerous secrets. She is intrigued by the Bly Manor surrounded by the English countryside with two lovely children to care for, Miles and Flora Wingrave played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth and Amelie Smith.

But things went uneasy when the housekeeper Hannah Grose which is played by T’Nia Miller skipped meals and Chef Owen (played by Rohan Kohli), exclaimed Bly as a gravity well who traps people and a quirky gardener Jamie (played by Amelia Eva), altogether makes it mysterious.

The Overall Review

Flanagan has created the whole masterpiece by pursuing his original ways by encompassing you in the psychological trauma. He distributed the focus on distinct characters using monologues, a supernatural doppelganger, and a labyrinth of memories.

Meanwhile, Penny pins the deep conversations about life and death slows the impact of the story. But Flanagan’s continued the game of ghosts to double the goofiness.

In total, Bly Manor is hypnotic and holds the viewers with the melancholic state throughout the show. In comparison to Hill House, it’s less scary but Flanagan somehow managed to fill the negative spaces through psychological terror and unusual mirrors, curtains, and doorways.

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