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Mirzapur Season 2: Recap of Season 1 and Ending explained

Mirzapur Season 2

Mirzapur Season 2 Updates:  The most anticipated series, Mirzapur 2 is days away from debuting on Prime Video. The trailer of the show will release on Tuesday afternoon. The movie has developed a lot of suspense in the audience’s mind. Everyone has a different theory of what is about to happen next. The interest in the series is very high amongst the people.

The Plot of Mirzapur Season 1

Mirzapur is a story of Uttar-Pradesh where Pankaj Tripathi is a local don popularly known as Kaleen Bhaiya. He has a son who is also the heir of his empire, and his name is Munna. Their life is disrupted when two brothers Guddu and Bablu enter the scene. Munna looks at them as a threat and doesn’t like them at all. He wants to finish them and acquire his father’s position to rule over Mirzapur. Kaleen Bhaiya involves the boys in criminal activities, and we see the rise of the brothers in the first season. Munna, on the other hand, is not in favor of his father’s decision, the fuel to the fire is added when Guddu married Sweety, who is also liked by Munna, and Sweety’s sister Golu defeats Munna in college elections.

Mirzapur Season 2

Recap of Mirzapur Season 2

At the end of the series, we saw Munna attacking Guddu, Bablu, Sweety, Golu, and their sister Dimpy as they were attending a wedding. He killed Bablu, and Sweety whereas an injured Guddu manages to escape with the help of Golu and Dimpy. We also saw Rasika Duggal (played Beena) with a gun after his father-in-law catches her affair with a home servant. To add more to the story, we also had a glimpse of the rival don’s son after he was killed by Guddu. Sharad was seen shaving his head. He might be getting ready to take the revenge of his father’s death. We also saw Kaleen Bhaiya attacking Ram Sharan Maurya, a special police officer assigned to clean the city, in a bid to declare himself the king of Mirzapur.

The upcoming season of Mirzapur will be full of speculations and thrill for the fans. We will get to witness the ultimate blood-shed of the season. Let us see whose theories prove to be correct. The wait of the fans will finally come to an end on October 23, 2020.

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