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Black Widow: Further Delays Will Lead to Merge of MCU and Real-World Timelines

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Black Widow, an upcoming movie of Disney, was planned to release somewhere around May 2020. However, due to the unpredicted lockdown and halt in the entertainment industry, the makers had to change their plans. Further, the makers decided to drop the movie at end of 2020.

However, now once again the release date of the much-awaited project of Disney/Marvel has pushed ahead. Now, the drop date of the show is being pushed until May 2021. It is delayed for almost an entire year from its original date of premiere.

This year will be a shocking one for the fans of Marvel. Since 2009 it is the first year without any new release of Marvel in the theatres. It has been a record of Marvel Cinematic Universe that it does not go an entire year without dropping a new movie for its fans. However, we are not shocked as this is not the first unexpected happening of 2020.

The fans of Disney have also pointed out that if the makers continue to push the release date ahead then the timeline in the movies will soon meet the real-time timeline.

Black Widow: What is the latest schedule of marvel?

Black Widow Further Delays

Initially, when lockdown came in the US in March there was still a blind hope of Black Widow releasing this year. However, now the fans are just hoping that they get to see at least one of the Marvel movies this year. Further, since each Marvel movie’s storyline is connected, if one is pushed ahead, all had to be pushed ahead.

Earlier, the release date of Black Widow was shifted to November 2020. Hence, all the movies were shifted ahead by 3-4 months. However, now the movie is shifted to May 2021. This means that all subsequent movies will be shifted ahead by 3-4 months.

As of now, the line-up dates are Black Widow on May 7, Shang-Chi, and The Legend of Ten Rings on July 9. The Eternals on November 5 and Spider-Man 3 on December 17. This means that Disney/Marvel is going to make our upcoming year more exciting.

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