Father of the Bride Part3ish Surprise A-lister’s Name are Added in the Cast? and Much more

Father of the Bride Part3ish Updates: It was actually a 1950 movie against the same name which was refurbished preserving its essence in 1991 and following its wide reception was granted a sequel in 1995. About 25 years later the ‘Father of the Bride’ A-listers star cast reunited over a virtual meeting for a charity event hosted by Netflix.

This was webcasted through its YouTube and Facebook channels with some unexpected cameos from  Reese Witherspoon opening up the segment that leads to Matty marrying his fiance Rachel (Alexandra Shipp) via Zoom. While Frank was officiating the ceremony, George (Ben Platt), his youngest daughter Megan (Florence Pugh), and Rachel’s dad(Robert De Niro ) joined in the espousal.

Nancy Meyers -the writer of the 2 films of this franchise and has also given some other great names in classics like Something’s gotta give and the Holiday brought the cast together to benefit World  Central Kitchen in this epidemic crisis.

News on the 3rd installment

New York Times recently published , as stated by Meyers “pandemic brought me back to being a writer” as she was preoccupied with how the Banks family would handle this indicating that she had already worked on a screenplay for a primary third installment. As of yet, it might be off the map of filming as the production values have escalated.

Father of the Bride Part3ish New Cast Members

Father of the Bride Part3ish

Steve Martin as the ostentatious father George Banks, Diane Keaton as Nina Banks, Kimberly Williams -Paisley as Annie Banks, Kiernan Culkin as Matty Banks reprised their roles from the 1991 film and its follow-up, and some of them will be back for the 3rd version too.

Alongside these names, some other big surprises have surfaced; Ben Platt, Florence Pugh, Alexandra Shipp, and Reese Witherspoon who ushered the live cast and also found out earlier in discourse about the short. However, legend Robert De Niro is set to replace Steve Martin as George Banks.

Throwback to the storyline

The original 1951 release had a sequel called Father’s Little Dividend and was subjected to a TV series in the late 62. All of the features dispersed across the timeline embarks on a common storyline as is suggestive of the name. A well-off businessman father inadvertently finds out that her daughter is marrying off and is indisposed of letting her go.

Later in the 2nd part, the father is caught off-guard as the daughter prompts news of her pregnancy and he freaks out, iterating that he has not yet approached his age for being a grandfather. We are quite.sure that they are up to make a mark again this time with its comic setting.

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