Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher enjoys the top spot on Netflix even after a decade!!!

Bad Teacher Updates: Recently after the release of Enola Holmes, it maintained it’s status for being the most-watched movie on Netflix. But, now a new movie is enjoying the top spot, which is Cameron Diaz’s decade-old movie, The Bad teacher. It amuses me that how an ancient, decade-old movie ends up topping one of Netflix’s hyped Original movies.

But, it is a win-win situation for Netflix, either way, it’s subscribers are increasing. And the irony is Bad Teacher is the perfect movie with a successful, star-driven, adult comedy and with great theatrical potential which has been reduced in the streaming age. The people who are watching this movie on Netflix may not find such movies again in theaters.

Plot details of Bad Teacher

Jake Kasdan’s Bad Teacher is an absolute classic movie with a great star cast. The movie traces the journey of  Cameron who is a pathetic teacher, who needs money for breast enlargement.  She tries to seduce a colleague but, eventually mend her ways and towards the end of the movie becomes a guidance counselor. This movie is quite funny but doesn’t enter into the zone of aggressive funny.

Additional information on Bad Teacher

This movie received a huge commercial success. The movie’s budget was $20 million, but it had an opening of $31 million, which eventually increased to $ 100 million and then to $126 million throughout the globe. The Bad Teacher was Diaz’s last commercial hit movie,m releasing just after The Green Hornet and The other woman. But despite all these chart-buster performances, the viewership has shifted back from the theaters to online streaming platforms, so maybe Cameron Diaz retired at the perfect moment.

Diaz mentioned the reason for her retirement was that she was extremely tired of all the traveling and wouldn’t enter any set again. But if she finds something close to her residence, then she would definitely return.

Bad Teacher’s temporary success, which was an old school Hollywood movie, with an R-rating boot is another example of how the OTT platforms are now depending more on classics rather than the latest flashy originals. Disny+ is dominated by the rerun of Simpsons and Mickey Mouse Club House. While on HBO Max earned about $ 500 million form rerun of Friends. Despite the recent release of Enola Holmes and Project Power, Netflix is dominated by classics, Bad Teacher, Real Steel, and The Smurfs 2.

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